TV Show Sponsored by the Spry Foundation 2020

At the Université de Montréal (UDM), Alain Saulnier (Interim Director, DESS in Journalism, UDM) moderates a discussion on the findings of the final report, including 97 recommendations, of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Policy Review Panel, released on January 29.

Broadcast live on CPAC on February 3, 2020. Available here.


Monique Simard and Pierre Trudel, members of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislation Review Committee.

Brian Myles, director, Le Devoir

Jérôme Payette, general director, APEM

Stéphanie Hénault, general director, SARTEC

Hélène Messier, President and CEO, AQPM


Alain Saulnier